Below is a table of conferences for the UK young people in 2015.

Dates Event Type Proposed Location
3 – 5 Apr International Blending Conference: Children’s Meetings and Year 7-10 Young People’s Meetings Children and YP Bower Park Academy
*25 Apr Parents Fellowship (proposed) Parents Regional (TBA)
29-31 May Thetford YP Camp YP Thetford
26 Jul-1 Aug European YP, Parents and Children Conference YP, Children and Parents Male Ciche, Poland
14-16 Aug A-Level Retreat YP (TBA)
28-30 Aug Nottingham Conference: Children’s Meetings and Young People Meeting (Sat 29 Aug) Children and YP Nottingham
11-12 Sept Year 7 Conference YP (TBA)
9-11 Oct UK YP Conference YP (TBA)
*7-8 Nov Teachers’ Training Parents and Serving Ones Regional (TBA)
26-31 Dec European Winter School of Truth – UK YP (TBA)

*To be confirmed