Praise the Lord for such a wonderful students conference in Wales this spring! You can re-listen to the messages from the conference by downloading them from the links below(Right Click + Save Target As to download):

Message OneThe Gospel of John: a book of life and building

Message TwoLife’s Principle and Purpose. The need of the moral: Life’s regenerating.

Message ThreeLife’s Principle and Purpose. The need of the Immoral and the Need of the Impotent.

Message FourLife’s Principle and Purpose. The Need of the Hungry and the Need of the Dead.

Message FiveLife’s Issue – the Church. A house of Feasting and a Place of Rest and Satisfaction.

Message SixThe Issue of Life Processed through Death and Resurrection – a Divine-Human Incorporation.

Message SevenLife’s Prayer, Life Processed, and Life in Resurrection.

Feel free to recommend these messages to the other students who couldn’t make it to this time, or to any other seeking believers / new ones. May the Lord continue to speak to us regarding Life and Building in the Gospel of John!

Also, during the meetings, as everyone knows, we have recorded some of the singing in the meetings – below are some of the better quality songs: